Fortunate Foundations

Passive House

Fortunate Foundations proudly introduces Austin’s inaugural Passive House Institute certified home. As visionaries in crafting homes uniting health, sustainability, and luxury, we’ve created an exceptional living space reflecting our commitment to the environment and your well-being. Since 2017, we’ve dedicated ourselves to constructing homes elevating homeowners’ lifestyles while minimizing ecological impact. Embracing the rigorous standards of the Passive House Institute, our approach rests on five pillars: Health, Energy, Water, Materials, and Education. These principles culminate into an unparalleled living experience. Step into an environment where indoor air quality is pristine, promoting well-being for you and your loved ones. Our Passive House stands as an emblem of energy efficiency, setting a benchmark in environmental consciousness while reducing long-term costs. Cutting-edge technologies, meticulous insulation (including extraordinarily thick insulation in the roof R-72 and walls R-39), and high-performance heat pumps form the backbone, complemented by Energy Star appliances and LED lighting for maximal energy conservation. Quality materials and eliminating waste, with construction debris seeing 50-75% recycling. Fortunate Foundations propels a greener future. By choosing us, you’re not merely investing in a home; you’re embracing a movement. As Austin’s first Passive House Institute certified home, your ownership extends beyond luxury to environmental stewardship. The Passive House advantage means unparalleled comfort, exceptional indoor air quality, and astonishingly low energy use. Become a steward of progress, a guardian of sustainability, residing in a sanctuary epitomizing responsible construction and health-centric living. Join us in redefining luxury, in marking a turning point towards a greener future. Seize the opportunity to own Austin’s inaugural Passive House, a testament to innovation and conscientious living.

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