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Green Building

What is Green Building?

We Strive for 5 Star AEGB Green Building Ratings


The most important function of a home is to
help keep us healthy. A healthy home includes
indoor air that is consistently healthy to
breathe; that is, free of mold (e.g. resulting from
poor ventilation or poor moisture
management) or toxins (e.g. from chemicals
used in common building materials).


From water-efficient fixtures and appliances
inside the home to drought-resistant
landscapes on the outside, our homes help
homeowners reduce their water use.


A key part of delivering a green home is
communicating to homeowners how best to
live in and maintain their home so as to
optimize the home’s indoor air quality, energy
efficiency, water efficiency, and long-term


We build homes that last longer by using
quality materials and good design. We reduce
our material waste with efficient construction
practices, and we recycle 50-75% of the
construction waste on our projects.


We want our homes to satisfy homeowners’
needs as efficiently as possible. Energyefficient homes will save homeowners money,
and will reduce environmental impacts from
energy production.

Keys to Energy Efficiency:

  • Air Tightness – keep the outside out, and
    the inside in
  • Insulation, and More Insulation – high Rvalue materials in the walls and a
    continuous thermal break outside of the
    structural framing
  • Efficient Heating and Cooling – high- efficiency heat pump systems for heating
    and cooling both air and water in the
  • Efficient Appliances – Energy-Star*
    appliances and LED lighting throughout
    the homes
  • Solar PV – our homes off-set their energy
    use with rooftop harvesting of clean
    energy from the sun
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