“We are making the world a better place one home at a time”. – LeAn and Laurence


  • 2.4 kilowatt solar panel systems,
  • Heat pump water heater (2 to 3 times more efficient than standard water heaters) ,
  • Continuous external insulation (reducing thermal bridging),
  • Waterwise faucets and shower heads
  • Construction waste on site is recycled at an 85% rate.
  • Standard 1,2,10 warranty

Homes that qualify are “upcycled”; hauled off and rehabbed in a different location giving it a new life with another family.

Homes that do not qualify are demolished and are recycled using zen-robotics at a 85% recycling rate.

Fortunate Foundations does not build completely custom homes, however, Fortunate Foundations does offer customized building packages to meet the clients needs.

No! You can now put as little as 5% down up to $1,500,000 on our energy efficient homes.

Yes, Fortunate Foundations offers a 1-2-10 home warranty. One-year is a builder surety and backs the builder’s obligation to the workmanship and materials. The two-year warranty is a builder surety and backs the builder’s warranty on defects in the wiring, piping, and ductwork in the electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, ventilating and mechanical systems. The 10-year structural warranty begins on the day of closing, lasts for 10 years, and covers the load-bearing components of the home. Other items, like the solar panels, come with their own warranty that is 25 years.

🏡🏡Another Happy Homeowner 🏡🏡 ...

4 years ago we sold our VERY FIRST HOME! After this we took three months to flip one more home in Alaska and then drove for six weeks across countries to land in Austin, TX… where Fortunate Foundations began! ...

I won the class spelling bee in 5th grade.

I won with the word NEIGHBOR.

Then, as the class winner, I was to go up against the other class winners in front of the entire school at the auditorium… ON STAGE

Now, imagine a 10 year old girl with frizzy hair, round bottle glasses, and crooked teeth going up on a stage.


That girl wants to HIDE, and that girl was me. I wasn’t pretty and I wasn’t popular and I was not going up on a stage where everyone can see me. I mean, imagine the ENTIRE school looking at me while I spell a word, and WHAT IF I GET IT WRONG!

The day came for the school spelling bee and I am so nervous I could vomit. I felt my chest tightening and my stomach knotting.

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Look at this stairwell 😍
SUPER HIGH ceilings with bountiful natural light.
Windows near the top of the stairwell will be operable windows that open to allow natural stack ventilation to occur… just one aspect we incorporate to our conscious construction ensuring the home is extremely energy efficient.
@fortunatefoundations strives for Austin Energy Green Build (AEGB) five star ratings on all our homes.
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This home will be complete in November, and we will start accepting offers in September!
You can find renderings, floor plans, and lookbooks on our website 👇